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Amy & J.J.

Amy & J.J.
Happiness is possible even while living with a UCD


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, I am really bad at introducing myself but here it goes...my name is Amy and I am an adult patient with a urea cycle disorder known as OTC (ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency).

Some of you may know me from the National Urea Cycle Disorder Foundation conferences. I was the adult patient that spoke at the conference in 2008 (?).

I am writing this blog in hopes of connecting with other adult UCD patients and their families. I say families because as my spouse, J.J., can tell you it is not always easy living with a UCD patient.

I will be posting a photo of myself and my family members (that would be the hubby, 2 cats and 1 dog) later.

I work full-time outside of the home and my side project is taking photos of my hubby's band, Bone Yard, and selling the band merchandise (t-shirts, shot glasses, etc.) when they play out.

My story of my diagnosis is a long one so I will save that for a separate post.

Wishing good health to all my fellow UCD patients!

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  1. I get to be your first comment! Excellent!

    Happy to see another UCD blog on the web...it is a wonderful way to share our stories and connect with each other!

    Looking forward to reading your story when you get it posted!